About us

The company Celsius42 GmbH developed from many years of observations in oncology. We have seen that hyperthermia in its various forms can make a positive contribution to cancer treatment.

The team and directors at Celsius42 strive to provide a system that conforms to state-of-the-art medical technology while meeting the demands of users in the medical, financial and aesthetic field.

We are convinced that hyperthermia offers valuable additional benefits in the treatment of tumours when used in conjunction with conventional procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It is acknowledged than an increased body temperature triggers a whole range of endogenous and exogenous processes, which have a positive impact. Targeted application of heat in the treatment of tumours is both a form of therapy and an integrative therapy component.

We seek to provide new, intelligent contributions to enable the effective and safe application of heat to the body.

It is not just about increasing the temperature, but doing so in a targeted way. Targeted means being able to define and vary the level of heat application and also to solve localisation issues in the body.

With our hyperthermia system Celsius TCS (Tumour Cell Solution) we are making an active contribution to the fight against cancer and will give our all to this cause in the future. Due to positive results in conjunction with the established procedures and given the minor and negligible side effects, today hyperthermia earns far more recognition in everyday clinical life than previously.

Our mission is to get closer to this goal in a manner that is economically feasible.