Product and quality

Constant checks in all areas of production help to continuously improve the quality of the product. Therefore, early error prevention in the production process is particularly important. From receipt of goods to delivery, we oversee the extremely high quality of our hyperthermia systems.

In particular we concentrate on holistic quality management. Even in the development phase, we select the highest quality sub-components and strive for environmentally friendly manufacturing. All components are inspected before they are used, which allows us to guarantee that all materials used in subsequent production are of high quality.

This demand for quality also continues in the worldwide delivery and installation of our hyperthermia systems, as well as in all technical work and services performed. From project planning through to user training, and right up to routine maintenance, our technical services ensure that all stages of the project are expertly executed, and that only the highest quality tools are used in so doing. In addition to the qualified technical services and work delivered, continuous product enhancements such as software updates also ensure high quality throughout the entire service life of the equipment.

Quality manifests itself in various forms. Our demand for quality is firmly anchored in our company culture. We don’t just deliver quality, we live and breathe quality!