Therapy procedure and application

The artificial electro-hyperthermia, which is applied externally by physical means, increases the temperature of tumours and is therefore the perfect complement to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Hyperthermia as a supplement to radiotherapy

Different mechanisms are responsible for the supra-additive effect of hyperthermia when used in conjunction with radiotherapy.
Hyperthermia boosts radiotherapy. This has been proven by numerous comparison studies. In vivo studies have shown that hyperthermia can boost the effect of radiotherapy by a factor of 1.2 to 5.

To summarise, hyperthermia is probably the most potent radio-sensitising method currently known.

Hyperthermia as a supplement to chemotherapy

The interactions of hyperthermia and cytostatic drugs can be autonomous, additive and synergistic. Synergy effects also result from the spatial cooperation of chemotherapy and hyperthermia since most cytostatic drugs work better in areas with good blood flow. However, indirect synergy effects can also arise from changes in the tissue and the metabolic modification of cytostatic drugs as a result of the heat.

The Celsius TCS hyperthermia system has 2 therapy electrodes which, with a maximum output of up to 500 watts, guarantee high and homogeneous hyperthermia on the tumour tissue. Thanks to the different electrode sizes, heat can be applied to the tumour in a targeted and controlled manner.

Safety for patients and users

In the design and development of the Celsius TCS, for us the most important guiding principle was ensuring the highest possible safety standards. Any issues that arose during the development phase were the result of an in-depth risk analysis, which served as the basis for decision-making.

Should the patient feel unwell at any time during the treatment, he/she can interrupt the treatment using the patient hand switch.

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