Reimbursement of costs

Since electro deep hyperthermia is an innovative and new form of therapy, in accordance with §12 of the German SGBV, health insurance companies are not obligated to pay for it.

However, an application for reimbursement can be lodged. Following a decision by the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in August 2006, an insurance agency was ordered to cover the treatment costs in an individual case. This decision can be downloaded from the customer area. Otherwise the costs for loco-regional deep hyperthermia are normally billed at the simple rate of the German scale of charges for doctors (GOÄ) (according to GOÄ Section 5854 (145.14 Euro) per treatment session).

Link to decision “1 BvR 347/98” or download decision as PDF

News from Switserland concerning reimburshement