New spaces for further growth

February Eschweiler, Growth needs space. This was also a big topic for Celsius42, which we have now tackled. This weekend we moved into our new rooms and the entire team was there with joy and…

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Merry Christmas

Power is gained through silence. Maybe silence could be where you found your middle. The advent season invites us to create a space of silence and to try to bring into harmony with our very own inner…

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Hyperthermia. An amplifier for radiation therapy.

Hyperthermia in radiotherapy. An interview with our CEO Christian Hartmann on the situation and future of hyperthermia in radiotherapy.…

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TCS User Meeting 2018 in Korea

User meeting 2018 in Korea, A great and very interesting group of medics gathered to discuss hyperthermia. Garnered with lectures from Germany, this meeting was a great success and generated several…

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