Innovation at Medica 2018

The medical industry is showing its latest innovations. The Celsius42 presents itself for the first time in its history at the Medica and as world-wide expanding enterprise, we are in search of sales…

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11. SONNENWEG-KONGRESS • 01. und 02. September 2018

Dear Hyperthermia Community, We would like to draw attention to the following event. Interesting presentations and high-profile speakers complete the day with great contributions. As a manufacturer…

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ESIO Update 2018 - Immunotherapy in integrative oncology

13.09.2018, Zürich - Tanks to new immuno-oncological treatment options, the prognosis of many advanced cancers has improved significantly in recent years. With the knowledge of the immunological …

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Guideline for Application of Regional Hyperthermia

New: Guideline for Application of Regional Hyperthermia Hyperthermia, or artificially generated fever, is increasingly used in medicine as a treatment option for chronic diseases and especially…

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