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Hyperthermia works in tune with the body's natural intelligence. That turns hyperthermia into a gentle and effective component of holistic cancer therapy.

The healing power of fever to fight cancer.

Local hyperthermia functions in the same way as a controlled, regionally restricted fever. Two non-invasive electrodes raise the temperature in the tumor regions. The electromagnetic waves generate a temperature above 40° Celsius by causing the water molecules in the body to vibrate and to heat up the tissue.

The healing power of fever to fight cancer.

Hyperthermia as an amplifier for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The induced heat significantly stimulates the blood circulation and oxygenation of the tumor.
As a result, cytotoxic agents are distributed more widely and are absorbed more easily by the tumor cells. Since the tumor tissue has already become more sensitive due to the heat, radiation therapy is more effective as well.
Cancer cells are sensitive to heat. The temperature regulation in tumor tissue tends to be poor. As a consequence, temperatures around 43°C sometimes also occur in the tumor. Over the course of one hour, such temperatures have the power to fight the tumor on their own.

Hyperthermia as an amplifier for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
The body’s natural intelligence.

The body’s natural intelligence.

In the presence of higher temperatures, the organism accelerates its biochemical processes and boosts the immune response. Very gently. In harmony with nature.
Tumor cells are sensitive when it comes to heat. They respond with heat shock proteins, i.e. protein substances that call on the immune system’s killer cells to attack the tumor as soon as they reach the cell membrane.
The immune system appears to have a memory that retains the appearance of the tumor. Current hypotheses presume that this immune cell memory helps to prevent new metastases. Perfect synergy.

Hyperthermia. For special cases.

Hyperthermia therapy is of particular use in cases where circulation and oxygenation in the tumor tissue already are poor, i.e. in the presence of hypoxia. Or in cases where the radiation treatment needs an effective amplifier because it has to be administered in low doses to protect the surrounding tissue.

Even in cases of relapse, hyperthermia is a helpful and considerate partner because the previously radiated body areas have already been affected.

A growing number of studies and research projects on hyperthermia have been initiated in past years. The results have been promising. Oncologists and radiologists quite naturally make greater use of hyperthermia as a complementary and relevant component in the cancer treatment canon. Natural healing. Gentle and effective.

Hyperthermia. For special cases.


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