Heating technology for malignant tumors: a review

A clear review of the most different forms of hyperthermia and areas of application

The clinical hyperthermia specialists around H. Petra Kok, Erik N. K. Cressman, Wim Ceelen, Christopher L. Brace, Robert Ivkov, Holger Grüll, Gail ter Haar, Peter Wust & Johannes Crezee have illustrated here in a very nice work the different possibilities of hyperthemia to support cancer therapy. Like all things in our life, the different technologies have different advantages and disadvantages which it is important to know to use hyperthermia effectively and sensibly. The really interesting aspect is, however, to combine the technologies strategically in the therapy in the future and thus to optimize and use the necessary therapies in an even more targeted way. The right tool at the right time - this is also the aim of the developments and considerations of Celsius42 GmbH.

We hope you enjoy reading and studying this article. Click here for the review:

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